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[collection type]: porcelain


[collection quantity]: one piece


[signature of collection]: made in GuangXu year of Qing Dynasty


In the development of China's ancient porcelain, the glaze and color of porcelain have been gradually reflected with the aesthetic taste of the whole society and the development of the country. The more powerful a dynasty is, the more elegant his porcelain is. If the style of the whole society is simple, then the porcelain also shows fresh and elegant. Relying on the very strong national strength, Emperor Qianlong began to pursue prosperity and luxury in the use of utensils, which showed a strong luxury style on porcelain.

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As early as Kangxi period of Qing Dynasty, famille rose as an art of porcelain glaze painting. By the Yongzheng period, it became mature and formed a unique style of famille rose decoration; It is famous for its beauty, elegance, softness and softness, which is inseparable from the white and exquisite porcelain. They set off each other and become interesting and organically combined. It is a witness of the rise and fall of history and reflects the infinite wisdom of craftsmen at that time. At present, it is common for porcelain to be sold at high prices in major auction houses at home and abroad. In the future art market, the rising space of porcelain is still considerable.

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This product is classic and beautiful in shape, dense in texture, excellent in quality and novel in creativity. The craftsman uses the classic twining branches of plum blossom, with green flowers and birds ornamentation, which is unique. Green glazed porcelain, created in Qianlong Dynasty, is full of contemporary aesthetic feeling. The pattern of twigs and leaves can be seen in the influence of European Rococo style curled grass patterns. It only contains the foundation of Chinese traditional art. It is both elegant and innovative. So many decorative patterns are used in the whole picture, which fully shows that the aesthetic demand of art at that time was close to complexity and luxury. These patterns on this picture symbolize good fortune and good fortune, and they were also a very high goal pursued by the rich people at that time.

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This green pastel bottle with animal ears is decorated with gluttonous patterns on the head, shoulders, body, feet, left and right. In every detail and line transition, the design can be as beautiful as the mirror shadow of Pinghu Lake. The superb skill of the Potter is indeed admirable. The line is graceful and graceful, the shape is chic and soft, the body is light and elegant, and the bottom book is "made in GuangXu year of Qing Dynasty" with six characters and three lines. It has perfect repair, white body and fine texture. The glaze surface is even and glossy, the glaze juice is plump, the glaze is delicate, the decoration is exquisite, and the whole device is stable and straight, powerful and vigorous, bright and colorful, harmonious and natural, and very exquisite. It accurately shows the color and texture of the painting, which is lifelike, and the modeling technology is more refined and regular. It is rare to see the well preserved works of Greenland. This green pastel bottle with animal ears is a typical representative of various crafts in this period. It is a rare treasure that collectors can and can't ask for, with high historical and cultural value!


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